The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a supervisory guidance designed to help make online transactions more secure. The guidance is in response to an ever more dangerous online threat environment. Scams and hacking techniques are more sophisticated, new threats are continually being developed and organized crime groups both in the United States and internationally have become a major force in expanding online fraud and theft. The guidance means you may begin to see new security features on the websites you visit. Each of our online products has built-in security features which are continually enhanced in response to changing threats. Some of these enhancements are visible to you, the user, but others occur behind the scenes. 

The guidance also means you will see more information on how you, as a user of online services, can take action to keep your identity and your financial information and funds secure.   





We will never call, email or otherwise contact you to request your access ID, password, or other log-in credentials for the online services we offer.  If you receive such a request, do not provide any information.  Contact us at 580.832.5600 to report the incident. 



If you see suspicious activity on your account(s) or have received a suspicious call, email, letter or other similar contact regarding your relationship to Bank of Cordell, call 580.832.5600.  




Password Security Tips  

  • Do not share your User ID's or Passwords with another person or provide them to others.  Safeguard your User ID and Password information—never leave the information in an unsecured location.   
  • Create a unique User ID and Password for each site.  Do not use the same identifying information on multiple websites. 
  • Create strong User ID's and Passwords.  In other words, use upper case letter(s), lower case letter(s), number(s), and special character(s) (!@#$%^&*) 
  • Many websites force password changes (i.e. every 60 days).  If a website does not do so, take the initiative and change your password on a regular basis. 

Website Security Tips  

  • Monitor account activity. View account activity online on a regular basis and review periodic account statements (monthly and/or quarterly) and reconcile them to your personal records.  
  • Log Off from a website; do not just close the page or "X" out. 
  • Secure websites have a web address that includes an "s" (https rather than http).  If this is lacking, the site is not genuine.  Do not log in or conduct business on the site. 
  • If a website displays a security monitor, verify it has the current date.  If it does not, do not use the site; it may be a spoofed or hijacked. 
  • When completing financial transactions, verify encryption and other security methods are in place, protecting your account and personal information. 

Computer / Network Security Tips  

  • Use quality security monitoring software on your PC that includes anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall functions. 
  • Use your PC's security features such as individual Log-In accounts. 
  • Keep PC operating system security up-to-date by applying patches and updates. 
  • Password-protect your computer network (physical or wireless). 


Regulation E provides rules for error resolution and unauthorized transactions for electronic fund transfers, which includes most transactions processed online.  In addition, it establishes limits to your financial liability for unauthorized electronic fund transfers.  These limits, however, are directly related to the timeliness of your detection and reporting of issues to Bank of Cordell.  It is for this reason that we encourage you to immediately review periodic account statements and to regularly monitor your account activity online.  

The "Electronic Fund Transfers" disclosure provided to you at the time of account opening provides detailed information.   We will provide to you, upon request, a free printed copy of this disclosure. 

Fraud Prevention 

All the above Fraud Prevention links are not a part of Bank of Cordell's website.  Bank of Cordell does not guarantee or endorse the products, services, security or privacy practices on the linked sites. Nor is the bank responsible for the accuracy of the data on the linked sites.




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